About Us

Golf Club Graphics (a division of GeoShot Technologies ) is at the forefront of advanced 3D visualization of golf courses. We have worldwide experience of designing all type of golf courses.

We make high quality stunning 3D flyovers and graphics of golf courses. We cover all aspects of the creative process from early conceptual art all the way through to the creation of entire virtual golf courses. From the conceptual art, we can create construction level detailed CAD drawings and grade plans of golf courses such as Grading plan, Grassing plan, Landscape plan, Staking plan, Pipe layout plan, Clearing plan and Irrigation plan. We can create GIS terrain data for 3D modeling purpose from basic survey points. We can use / generate contour drawing, geospatial laser scan (LAS) files, DEM, DTM files to accurately represent the land terrain in the flyover videos and still graphics. We meticulously produce each course 3D graphics, precisely replicating every golf course detail. We have stringent best process to generate the golf course land terrain, accurate to within inches. In order to ensure maximum accuracy, we refer thousands of photos including georeferenced satellite image / aerial photos. We render all golf courses in 100% three dimensions using the latest in 3D graphics advanced technology.

Our print ready / digital still graphics and video outputs are available in all standard formats and being used in yardage books, cart-mount golf GPS devices, hand-held golf GPS devices, smart phones, web sites, presentations, construction and renovation planning purposes. Our product offering includes both print and digital media.

We are a company totally committed to qualitative work approach, creativity using innovative ideas. We strive to remain at the cutting-edge of systems ensuring quality delivery on routine on various file formats required from the customer. The recognition received from our clients worldwide is evidence of our abilities. With our effective and flexible workflow, we can undertake and successfully complete any golf course graphics, yardage book, 3D flyover production, and CAD drawing project.

Golf Club Graphics (a division of GeoShot Technologies ) is obviously known for its on-time delivery and excellent output. We provide services to clients across America, Europe, Australia and Asia.